Power-Up Your Blackjack Online

Blackjack is without question the world's most infamous game when it comes to hitting the casinos of Las Vegas with pure skill – and walking away with millions over the decades. However, how can you get gaming on the web with a bit of a professional edge? The answer is actually fairly simple – so read on to find out……….

First-up – the blackjack deal

Once you've surfed up to a cool looking table, it's time to choose your wager value and click to get the round moving. Then, the blackjack basics get up to speed:

- The dealer fires out 2 cards for you and them (with one face-up house card)

- It's your decision whether to Hit for another card, or Stand

- You've got the chance to keep hitting until you've build a combo as close to 21 as possible, without busting by getting too greedy or downright unlucky!

Power-up your blackjack

So, now you're pitched into a one on one battle with the dealer - but there's no way you want to try and defeat the house by simply using the 'get as close to 21 as possible' strategy! No – you need to think about using blackjack's cool side bets, known as the double down, insurance wager and split bet:

Double down

Strike the dealer when your hands look hot – by analysing your first 2 cards and clicking double down to double your stake, draw one more card and stand against the casino.

Spilt wagering

Splitting pairs is another cool way to slam down more cash on the table – only this time you have the opportunity to break even with one winning hand, and really hurting the dealer if you get two winners.

Insurance betting

Alternatively, rather than attacking the casino when you're hot, you can take out insurance to benefit from the times when the dealer keep winning and is looking good for hitting blackjack (Ace and 10). Not many casino games give you the chance to win when you lose!

However, there's no point in using these key blackjack power bets, if you don't use them at precisely the right times. For blackjack gamers wanting a simple but highly effective blackjack strategy, focusing on the double down bet is considered to offer the most fun and reward potential……..

Double-down strategy rules:

Step 1: The dealer's face card is 4, 5 or 6 and your 2 card hand equals 10 or 11

Step 2: The houses' face card is between 3 and 6 and your combo has an Ace and a numbered card

Step 3: If the face-up house card is a 10 or a face

So, as you can see – any online gamer can quickly get up to speed with the basics of the game, and rapidly progress to playing with intermediate strategy! Try it out with free play bonuses and gauge your dealer smashing success.